Quality, correct and professional relationship with all business associates in the country and abroad has provided us with the status of a respected business partner and business entity.


The company, BH ES Elektrosistem d.o.o., was founded in 1998 with its headquarters in Banja Luka, as the fourth in a series of companies Elektrosistem that were established in the period from 1992 to 1998 in Vienna, Skopje, Belgrade and Banja Luka.

The main activity of the company is the distribution, ie wholesale of low and medium voltage switching and connection equipment of renowned world brands with a long tradition: Klockner Moeller (today Eaton), Weidmuller from Germany.

From year to year, our company, following the requirements, needs and capabilities of customers, developed and expanded its portfolio, offering equipment from a large number of world-renowned and recognized manufacturers, but focusing exclusively on quality and credibility of manufacturers, and in 2014 began cooperation with several Turkish manufacturers, such as: Klemsan Elektrik, Plastim Elektrik, Emas, Emko Elektronik, Mete Enerji.

Since 2012, in cooperation with a foreign partner from Italy, we supply our customers with equipment from a large number of renowned electrical equipment manufacturers, such as: Turck, Sick, Murr, EbmPapst, Keller, Pilz, Italweber, IFM, DOLD, Balluff, Pepperl + Fuchs, Cabur, Bender, AEG, Euchner, Finder, Hager, Siemens, Lenze, Leuze, ABB, Schmersal,, Siko, Samson, Rexrot, Omron, Telemecanique and many others, more than 100 brands.

We are holders of the “AAA” certificate of creditworthiness excellence, and the LRC certificate of reliability, by which we are ranked in the top 2% of companies in our country by authorized credit rating agencies in BiH, Bisnode and LRC.

BH ES Elektrosistem d.o.o. currently employs 10 full-time employees of secondary and higher education in various occupations. We are located in our own building with about 1000m2 of office and warehouse space. With a constantly formed stock worth around 500,000.00 EURO. For many years,  trust has shown us more than 600 regular customers, but also a large number of new customers, which is increasing from year to year.

History History

Business activities

Distribution of electrical equipment

We distribute electrical equipment from world-famous manufacturers.

Installation of transformer stations

We are successfully implementing the construction of transformer stations with a capacity of 250 kW, up to 5 MW.

Construction of solar power plants

We are responsible for the construction of solar power plants from 30kW to 1MW.

Distribution of electrical equipment

We are partners or general distributors of world-famous electrical equipment manufacturers EATON and Weidmuller from Germany, and several Turkish manufacturers, Klemsan, Plastim, Emas, Emko Ekektronik, Mete Enerji, Opkon, etc. . Business policy that only a satisfied customer is a regular customer, we try to ensure as many regular customers, which currently has about 600.

Installation of transformer stations

Considering the fact that for each newly built facility power supply should be provided, and taking into account the need for reconstruction of existing transformer stations, in our many years of experience we have included in the reference list successfully completed construction of transformer stations 250kW, up to 5MW . One segment related to the transformer station is particularly pronounced, and that is the delivery and installation of reactive energy compensation cabinets. For a large number of economic entities, we delivered reactive energy compensation cabinets from 30 to 1200 kVAr.

Construction of solar power plants

A large number of companies are registered on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which deliver their products to European Union countries and must meet the conditions set before them, and one of the most important is the use of renewable energy sources for production, and we have recognized our opportunity to follow world trends. Thanks to good cooperation with companies – contractors in the field of electricity and automation, which are also our customers, in recent years we have been responsible for the construction of solar power plants from 30kW to 1MW. 

Among the top 2% of companies in the country

We are the owners of the “AAA” certificate of creditworthiness and LRC certificate of reliability, according to which we are ranked in 2% of companies in our country according to the authorized credit rating agencies in BiH, Bisnode and LRC.